The department of Catering and Hotel Management was established in 1972. Till date no department of its kind exists in any of the Nigerian Polytechnics. The department is without doubt the foremost in Nigeria.

With an academic staff strength of 32, 14 non academic staff and a student population of 600, the major challenge plaguing the department is that of graduating sound students in the profession.

Recently the International Institution in the United States of America (Norfelk State University) wrote the department for a partnership in providing online USA certification in Tourism and Hotel Management. This avenue could also be explored to assist staff of the department.

Catering and Hotel Management programme requires the use of many equipments for practical work. The department is privileged to have the best in the whole of Nigeria.

Achievements of the department include:
1. Graduating people who are now contributing a lot to the profession within and outside Nigeria. Graduates of the department have contributed and are still contributing a lot towards the development of the country in areas that include academic professionals, business men/women, managers, politicians, etc

2. Several prominent personalities were students of the department. One such person is Chief Mrs Amina Titi Atiku Abubakar, wife of the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who was a student and a former staff of the department. Others are a local goverment chairman in Kaduna state and many others.

3. Three students of the department have for 3 years running been beneficiaries of the Hotel and Personnel Services Employers Association of Nigeria Bursary Award. This is a national award in recognition of the contribution of the department to the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

4. The World Tourism Organisation gave an award to Kaduna Polytechnic through the department for the laudable role the department has played towards the growth of the industry in Nigeria. This award was jointly given by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism in conjunction with the World Tourism Organisation (WTO). Shortly after giving the award, the World Tourism organisation consultant Mr. Roger Withers, Dr. Franklin Adejuwon Chairman Technical Committee on Tourism Master Plan Project and others visited the department for a fact-finding exercise. Their mission was to identify the problems involved with a view to obtaining the appropriate expertise for production of the main Tourism Master Plan Project for Nigeria. The team was no doubt impressed with what they saw in the department.

5. In the area of examination results, the department recorded an overall success of 80% with HND final year graduants having 95% and ND final year 83%. Percentage for carryover students has been generally low.

6. Another pride of the department is that examination malpractice has not been part of its students' character, this has been due to consistent discipline and cooperation from staff and students in the good conduct of examination.

7. The department is blessed with a library "Amina Titi Atiku Abubakar Reference Library"
and contains books mainly on Tourism, Catering and Hotel Management. The library is indeed well stocked. The library does not service the department alone but other departments and students of Hospitality and Tourism from sister schools from other states.

Sometime ago, a confectionary workshop was carried out by the department in conjuction with the French Embassy under a French Technical Aid Programme.

The department is endowned with a standard Tourism studio that has diverse traditional, historical and cultural materials representing different Nigerian interests. The department also has an accomodation unit that produces home crafts for interested parties. These units and the studio received and entertained lots of visitors not only to the department but also the Polytechnic as a whole. One of such visits was in July 2002 when the Federal Government Technical team on Tourism Development Master Plan visited the Polytechnic.

The department is also blessed with a 200 sitting capacity Banquet hall and another for 100 sitting capacity. These halls are used mostly by the Kaduna Polytechnic management and community for special occasions. These halls are also used by people outside the institution for social activities such as wedding ceremonies, seminars, conferences and workshops. Aside such social and recreational activities, these two halls are attached to two standard kitchens which are run every day by students for practical production of food, beverages and confectionary both for people within the polytechnic community and evirons.
Here the students produce standard mouth-watering cuisine for those who desire such services. The department also carries out limited out door catering but of very high standard. An example of what the department did was the hosting of a civic reception for the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and his wife in 1999, and provision of catering services for the UNESCO-NIGERIA Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) workshop in August 2001.

The department is a service rendering one apart from teaching students in the area of hospitality and tourism. The daily running of the restaurants in the department has impacted positively on the community as it provides meals and snacks for them.

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